UH-60 Blackhawk

Construction, delivery, fire fighting and more.

UH-1 Huey

Construction, delivery, fire fighting, Human External Cargo and more.

R44 Raven II

Passenger transport, surveying, inspection and more.

Bell 412EP

Passenger transport, HEC class B loads. The perfect aircraft for multiple types of missions.

Helicopter Services

Agricultural Services

From corn pollination to predator control we offer a wide variety of agricultural services.

Forestry Services

We have extensive experience conducting fire suppression. The Uh-1 water bucket capacity is 421 gallons. The UH-60 water bucket capacity is 900 gallons. To accelerate recovery after a severe burn helicopters are ideal. Many of the treatment areas are in rough, rocky, and steep terrain not accessible by roads or trails.

Back Country Freight

Our helibase in the Salmon River Canyon make our prices as affordable as possible. We will work with you to transport freight from the most convenient place possible. If you can think it up, we can deliver it!


Aerial construction delivery work is a specialty of ours. We have moved hundreds of yards of concrete by helicopter. Delivering to  building sites where roads are not available.

Helicopter Transport

By hauling our aircraft we can save our customers a substantial amount of money. Our trailers are designed to transport helicopters without removing any major components.

Long Line Training

The helicopter industry is in great need of qualified pilots. The pilots teaching you are the best in their field, with several thousand hours of actual long line experience. Our pilots teach what you need to know and give the actual flight experience to get the job done. Our base of operations offers the best training ground possible. Give us a call to discuss your flight training.

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