Salmon River Helicopters

We conduct a variety of aerial operations

Our Fleet

We’ve recently added a UH-60A+ to our fleet. Our UH-60 is also used to transport external loads with a maximum lifting capacity of 8,000lbs.  Our Blackhawk is demilitarized and has a civil avionics package for fire fighting and utility work. 

Maximum lifting capacity 8,000 lbs

The UH-1F helicopters have several performance enhancing modifications including: left seat certified long line bubble door with gauges, 703 engine, BLR tail boom strake and fast fin kit – which provide better performance at high altitudes and high temperatures.

With this upgraded 703 engine, these helicopters are top performers in their class; producing more payload than most UH-1’s in the industry today!  Our UH-1F aircraft are used to transport external loads.  Their maximum lifting capacity is 4,000 lbs.

Maximum lifting capacity 4,000 lbs
The R44 is a fuel injected helicopter with seating capacity for three plus pilot. The aircraft carries passengers  and light external load cargo. External load capacity is 600 pounds. 
Maximum lifting capacity 600 lbs

We have many services available.

If you think it up and it’s legal, we’ll do it.

Safety is very important to us.
we are proud of our accident free safety record.

We have the knowledge and experience
to get the job done

women owned and family operated

SRH conducts a variety of aerial operations including:  power line construction, fire fighting, fire rehabilitation & stabilization, ag services, heavy lift construction, concrete transport, repeater placement, remote non-schedule freight delivery, logging, and much more.